Root Beer Float

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Root Beer Float

Root beer floats are a classic American treat.  The most popular way to serve root beer floats is in a frosty Glass Mug. Easy to make, and endless possibilities for flavor and serving options are only a few of the reasons that make root beer floats a great option for a party desert or after dinner snack.  Popular for many decades, the roots of the root beer float date back to the 1800’s when vanilla ice cream, mixed with different flavored sodas, began to gain popularity.


I have had a ton of root beer floats, it is my weakness.  The root beer mugs, the ice cream and the soda - from the homemade root beer float combinations as well as the restarunt offerings that are on the root beer float nutrition page.  My favorites are not the healthiest options, but not too bad compared to some other treats and deserts!  You can see my favorite root beer float combinations in bold for each section.


If you are looking for an authentic root beer float drink, the way you serve it is essential.  A classic glass root beer mug works best, but your traditional 12 to 16 Oz. plastic glass can work just as well.  In the end, it is all about the taste of you root beer float, so sample ice creams and root beer flavors to find the combination that you like best.